You want to outsource the management of your Quality Management System / QSE for economic, strategic reasons, etc...?

SAPHIR CONSULT provides you with a part-time Quality expert who will assume the role of a Quality / QSE manager. A combination of on-site and remote interventions (telecommuting) will be provided by our expert to manage your quality / QSE system.

Among the responsibilities assigned to the expert: 

  • Managing documentation.
  • Plan and conduct audits. 
  • Drive continuous improvement. 
  • Assist process drivers in improving the efficiency of their process including risk and opportunity analysis. 
  • Prepare management reviews.  
  • Manage certification audits etc. 

The outsourcing service of your QMS / EMS will be defined by a contract that specifies: 

  • The expectations of the company. 
  • The missions and responsibilities of the SAPHIR CONSULT expert.

The number of days of intervention SAPHIR CONSULT is committed to providing you with :

  • An external eye that will have the advantage of making your system evolve.  
  • A motivated and experienced person always trained to the latest developments in quality, safety, and environment. 
  • Expertise recognized by many customers around the world. 
  • A follow-up of quality assured allowing to anticipate the evolutions of the management systems and the very last practices of an audit.  
  • A commitment to results.